Mundo: Pikkuvihreä makes the move to frictionless delivery with nShift

Integration with nShift’s Checkout enables Pikkuvihreä to move 10x faster and process €10,000 more orders

LONDON, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pikkuvihreä, a Finnish family company specializing in waterless toilet solutions, wastewater purifiers, and composting, has implemented nShift’s Checkout platform to offer a reliable and efficient way to transport complex orders.

Pikkuvihreä offers a wide selection of products for use in private residences and public spaces such as parks and camping sites. When it came to delivery, however, the diversity of the product range previously posed something of a challenge.

Eemeli Palo, ecommerce manager for Pikkuvihreä, explains: «Our smallest products fit in an envelope, while our biggest products, such as outhouses, require a pallet. Previously, when customers bought both, which they often do, our old system would struggle to find a sensible transport solution. As a result, we were missing out on fifty to a hundred big orders a year.»

Implementing nShift Checkout has enabled Pikkuvihreä to solve its long-term delivery challenges, and identify the optimum transportation solution for every order, however complex.

«nShift’s software was easily integrated with our ecommerce platform, WooCommerce. It allows me to code simple rule sets on how and which delivery methods are triggered for each customer or shopping cart,» says Palo.

«This has saved us several shipments we would have missed out on in the past. When you consider that the most complex shipments are often the most profitable, it’s made a big difference to our bottom line. We’re talking tens of thousands of euros.»

Using nShift Checkout has also dramatically reduced the amount of time Pikkuvihreä needs to spend processing each order. «Thanks to nShift, we can process ten times more package tickets and shipping books in the same amount of time as before,» explains Palo. «Where it previously took about sixty seconds to create a shipping label for a customer order, it now takes less than ten.»

The nShift Checkout solution also provides Pikkuvihreä’s customers with genuine choice over their delivery method, something Lars Pedersen, CEO of nShift, argues is essential in ecommerce today:

«Customers expect to be able to select a suitable pick-up point or chose the delivery method that’s most convenient to them,» he says. «Since introducing nShift Checkout, Pikkuvihreä has been able to offer its customers this level of choice with no issue. Not only has it delivered revenue and efficiency benefits, it’s also significantly improved the customer experience.»

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